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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

#ReclaimSocial2023 is at the forefront of February in the marketing world, so, through all the doom and gloom being shared on socials - we thought to tell you exactly why we love social media.

Social media can be a tricky aspect of everyday life, and most of the time, it can be quite an unpleasant place.

That is exactly why #ReclaimSocial2023 focuses on sharing positive and 'feel-good' vibes, here's ours...


For those of us that aren't naturally talented at whipping up a Beef Wellington and red wine jus for tea - TikTok recipes have been a Godsend. With quick and easy-to-follow steps, videos of preparation and ingredients in the caption, these couple of minute videos make cooking SO much easier.

We love TikTok recipes.


For those of us in the Marketing industry - most of us couldn't do our jobs without social media! Whether it's taking inspiration from the explosion of content out there, using AI to craft witty copy or educating ourselves, social media is a great place for exploring every corner of Marketing.


Extremely self-explanatory, baby animals on social media are one of the finest joys in life.


Whether your office is next door or on the other side of the English Channel, social media connects people from every corner of the world which is an amazing thing.

Without social media, networking and community-building would be extremely restricted. Knowing that we can interact with creatives and clients, no matter where they're located, is one of the main reasons why we love socials.


Social media can be a great space of networking, community building, educating and interacting (and baby animals) - maintaining positivity and showing support throughout all social platforms is a great way of reclaiming socials.

Stay positive and spread the good vibes! #ReclaimSocial2023


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