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From short snappy videos to immersive minute-long storytelling clips, is TikTok becoming the new YouTube?

We know social media platforms LOVE to change their algorithms and tactics, and TikTok has done exactly that in recent years. What was once known as the platform that preferred 15-30 second clips, has now announced that they encourage 1min+ videos in hopes of users showcasing their creativity and storytelling in more in-depth ways.

What does TikTok's 'encouragement' mean, and how will this change social media strategies across all industries?



A platform that was curated for those with short attention spans who prefer to scroll through various videos rather than stick to one, has opted for longer clips that aim toward developed storytelling - why is this?

Well, TikTok have announced that 'sometimes a video idea requires more time', and the aim of 1min+ videos is that the person filming will have free-flowing creativity for a longer period of time, instead of cramming stories into a 30-second clip that could be developed further.

Longer videos allow for story development, and also makes it easier for the creator to not film part 1/2/3 of a video - we all know how annoying that can be. In comparison to platforms such as YouTube, 1min+ videos are still short, just maybe not as short as they used to be.

TikTok reported that viewers spent 90% more time watching videos longer than 1 minute last year, so it's no surprise that they want to continue developing a longer video tactic if that's what the users want - but, is it what the creators want?

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Video content has boomed in recent years, with COVID catapulting TikTok to the top of the social media platform scoreboard. Although video content is preferred by users, it can be extremely time-consuming for creators.

TikTok's appeal to creators was that its short snappy videos can be created almost instantly, however, the development of 1min+ videos, changes social media marketing tactics a lot.

What was once a 15-second video using a funny audio, is now a 1-minute funny storytelling clip that requires preparation, editing and more strategy than before. A 30-second try-on haul becomes a developed outfit planning video, you get the jist - it's more work, and when social platforms are already pushing for creators to be posting every day (even multiple times a day for some superheroes), it becomes nearly impossible to have such a large amount of footage filmed, edited and posted within one week.


Although it can be frustrating for SMMs and content creators out there, the push for longer videos is something that will need to be embraced. It's not easy, and ever-changing algorithms means that new marketing strategies need to be developed continuously - we basically need to sleep with one eye open, by this point. 👀

Creating a strong strategy, pre-planning and scheduling videos ahead of time and working alongside a marketing agency are some ways that could ease your content creation demand and make it more seamless.

In need of someone to give you a helping hand with video marketing? We're here - send us an email to and we'll get back to you ASAP. 📩


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