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Updated: Oct 17, 2023


The TikTok FYP is ever-evolving, and new TikTok trends emerge daily - it's hard to keep up with, we know! 😅

From dance challenges to creative filters and viral sounds, the TikTok community never fails to surprise and entertain. When it comes to creating your own videos, it helps to know what trends to search for as well as relevant hashtags and popular sounds to help rack up the views (and so that your hours of dance routine rehearsals don't go to waste). 📲

We've compiled the top TikTok trends from the last months into one handy blog, making it easier than ever to generate content ideas and look back on what trends did the best...



TikTok sounds can be useful for helping your video to gain attention and reach new audiences. Whether it’s a catchy tune or viral soundbite, it’s important you know about them before it’s too late! We will always do our best to include recommended viral sounds with our latest trends so that you always stay on top of the game.


[Added 24th September] 'My Weekly R.E.P.O.R.T' (reading/ eating/ playing/obsessing/ recommending/ treating)

This is a great trend to help your audience to get to know you! Share pictures of what you are reading, eating, playing, obsessing, recommending, and treating. Offer viewers a glimpse into the behind the scenes, and open up your world!

[Added 19th September] 'What now'

This hilarious TikTok sound originates from Olivia Attwood exclaiming "what now... what do you want?" Use this sound to voice the frustrations in your niche, and help your audience to resonate with you.

[Added 16th September] 'Roman Empire'

Have you tried asking your partner how often they think about the Roman Empire? Try it... and don't forget to post the results!

[Added 22nd August] 'Pet Spinning'

We're not going to lie, we love this one. Creators are taking audio from Taylor Swift's 'august', setting their cameras up to film from a first-person POV and twirling with their pets around the room dramatically. Why? Well, why not.

[Added 18th August] ‘Chop my head off - Ja'mie'

Use this sound to describe a scenario where you would rather, well… chop your head off. Top tip: if you can’t think of an appropriate scenario to poke fun at your niche, try captioning ‘going back to a life without [insert your product/service]’

[Added 2nd August] 'Dec Laughing'

Ant and Dec truly are national treasures, so it was only a matter of time before one of them became a TikTok trend. A clip of Dec's infectious laughter has found itself on a CapCut template. If there's something relatable happening in your industry this hilarious trend is easy to jump on.

[Added 20th July] ‘Share Your Last 5 Faceless Pics’

We love it when a trend is easy to jump on, and this is definitely one of them. Simply choose 5 pictures from your camera roll and upload! This trend is great if you want to show off your products, or give your audience a glimpse into your behind the scenes world…

[Added 14th July] ‘Girl Dinner’

‘Girl dinner’ is essentially a ‘picky tea’ - low effort, and high satisfaction. This trend allows users to show off their perfect dinner combinations, whether it is a bottle of wine with a whole loaf of garlic bread, or a pretty assortment of meats and cheeses. Hop on this trend if you have a food product that is perfect as a snack, or paired with something yummy!

[Added 22nd June] ‘My 3 Red Flags’ The Red Flag Filter is an innovative tool that helps you identify your top three red flags and flaunt them with confidence. Brace yourself for some brutal honesty, as this filter can be quite unforgiving, but rest assured that its accuracy is nothing short of remarkable… [Added 16th June] ‘It’s a Canon Event’ A canon event is an event that is seen as essential to a person’s character development - a ‘right of passage’ if you may. For example, canon events in one’s life may include best friends from the first year of university moving in together, teenagers experiencing various forms of heartbreak and working in a toxic workplace. TikTok users are bonding over their ‘shared trauma’ and it is a humorous recognition of the inevitable yet bizarre stages of your life, and the impossibility of shielding others from going through them.


Current TikTok trends are filled with the weird and wonderful and all trends can be highly unpredictable - that's the fun of social media, right? With some trends only staying with us for a day, while others span out for weeks on end, TikTok is definitely a platform to entertain.

So, why not join in on the fun and discover your own favourite TikTok trend this year?

Alternatively, if you need help with exploring and executing TikTok trends for your business, get in touch -


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