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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Marketing can be split into two main channels - Busienss to Customer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). The majority of marketing you see on social media and websites is aimed at B2C, however, B2B is a whole different ballpoint.

B2B entails targeting businesses directly, selling to businesses and appealing to them. This means that you need to change and rethink strategies when it comes to marketing. In short, B2B entails more facts and straight details and takes into consideration purchase decisions, revenue and ROI.

B2B marketers usually sell to buying teams within companies and corporate bodies, taking into consideration wholesale and retail aspects. Here is how B2B marketing works...


Although B2B can be a tad more difficult than B2C purely because you have to take into consideration revenue and ROI, it effectively works the same as B2C.

You analyse your target audience, create an effective strategy and develop content specifically for them.

B2B may include more targeted campaigns with Paid Ads and PPC, purely due to businesses not always looking for services through social media the same way that the everyday customer does. LinkedIn is probably the best social platform for B2B, as most businesses are choosing LinkedIn as their preferred social media.


As a whole, B2B is for any company that sells directly to other businesses, whether that be wholesalers or retailers. Many companies fall under both B2C and B2B options - knowing how to differentiate strategies and create bespoke plans for each is key.


In most cases, B2B targets the selling of services/products in large volumes as other businesses either sell them on or utilise them within their company. B2B needs to 'help the selling process' - making it clear to other businesses what problem you can solve and what product/service you can offer.

Paid Social and Paid Search are the usual routes to B2B marketing - targeting companies directly and building awareness of the brand, highlighting services when buyers search for the relevant terms.

Organic Social is also another way of reaching businesses directly - businesses usually utilise LinkedIn, so this is a great platform for organic B2B marketing. Other social platforms may also be beneficial, it's worth giving every route a go!


B2B can be a completely different vibe to B2C, which is exactly why you should analyse your target companies, built an effective strategy and focus on some Paid Ads.

We're experts in B2B marketing, so if you don't know how to get started... drop us an email to and we can run through B2B with you!


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