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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Video content is becoming extremely popular, with many platforms preferring videos over photographic content. It’s predicted that by the end of this year (2022), 80% of content on all social platforms will be video content.

With all of these social changes, it’s necessary that you adapt your content to the platforms, as they will reach a higher engagement rate and are a lot more likely to be seen.

We thought it would be helpful to put together a quick guide on video content, and how to make the most out of its rise…


Trends come and go, as quick as ABC most times. This is why, it’s super important to keep on top of trends and always have an eye for what’s going in and out of style.

By that, we don’t mean endlessly scrolling on social platforms every day, but keeping yourself in the loop by visiting the pages of influences or companies similar to yours, just to note what is going on.

It’s crucial that you jump on trends as soon as they appear, as posting content to trends that are no longer relevant isn’t going to be much use, and make sure you alter them to suit your target audience and brand.


Picking a sound to make your video content to can make or break your content – is it going to be a piece of trending music? Will you be speaking over it?

There are plenty of factors that can go into a video piece of content, so you need to analyse whether it’s a subject you want to make conversational (do a voice-over) or an entertaining video with music over it.

On platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, videos that contain trending sounds do very well, even if you’re doing a voice-over and place fairly quiet music in the background.


Having great lighting is a large element of video content, no one wants to scroll past a video that is hard to see or blurry – and the algorithm will not pick it up.

Whether it’s natural lighting from the sun, or a cheap ring light from Amazon, it’s very important to have suitable lighting elements in your post and make everything as clean as possible.

If you have shot a video and decided the lighting is inadequate, there are plenty of editing apps that could help you with improving the quality of your content, so don’t be afraid to knock up that exposure and welcome some light into your videos.


Each platform has its own algorithm, which means that there is a specific way that platform prefers videos to be. As an example, TikTok prefers videos to be short and snappy, so it’s no use filming a 60+ second long video, to then post it on TikTok, as it likely won’t pick up as much traction as a 15-second one will.

Research is your best friend, so it’s a great idea to research what type of video content is best for each platform, with TikTok preferring short videos and Facebook preferring longer ones.

This will ensure you don’t waste your own time creating extra-long content for platforms that don’t like it!


Video content is taking over the social media world, so making sure you jump on the bandwagon will guarantee you gain extra engagement and the algorithms will favour your platform.

Remember, hop on trends as soon as you can, and make sure your lighting and sound is perfect!

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