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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Marketing campaigns are great at boosting your small business, or new product or just attracting a whole new target audience, that’s why we’re here to help!

With marketing campaigns, you can expand brand awareness and achieve business goals – by reaching out to customers in various ways and on multiple platforms.

Our guide to planning a marketing campaign is here…


Marketing campaigns are organised in order to promote your brand, a new product or raise awareness of a new service within your business.

In all honesty… campaigns can be on various platforms and in a range of formats, including – newsletter campaigns, social media, website, sales, newspaper, PR and more, whichever channel suits your business most.

Marketing campaigns are solely to raise awareness of your brand and the services it can provide.


Let’s be truthful – when things aren't planned, especially BIG things, they rarely ever go as you’d like them to, unless you’re super lucky.

Planning in advance is key to many successions in life – especially marketing campaigns.

A plan will outline your goals and strategies and allow any feedback from employees or customers which could potentially drive an even higher ROI.

Now, let’s get to planning your marketing campaign…


There’s not much point in trying to sell a piece of fast fashion clothing to someone who is all about sustainability, so it’s extremely important that you identify your target audience before kickstarting any marketing campaign.

Identifying who your product or service is targeted at, who will actually use it or want to share it with their audience and if your brand suits their key interests means that you won’t be wasting your time creating a campaign for anyone to not be interested in it.

Research your target audience, its demographic and interests, and plan accordingly – tailoring your marketing campaign as much as possible to appeal to them.


It's great starting a campaign, but, without goals, you won’t have any endpoint.

Setting realistic yet ambitious marketing goals will allow you to really ask – what is it that you want to achieve through this marketing campaign?

Is it more sales, a raised brand awareness on social media, an increase in the sale of one specific product or communication with existing customers?

These are all questions which will determine your campaign goals, and you can work backwards on how to achieve them.


Developing your campaign will include analysing your past successes, receiving feedback from both customers and employees and experimenting with multiple platforms.

Research which platform you think is best when it comes to your campaign, whether it’s a short social media post or a consistent weekly newsletter.

Ensure your campaign is true to your brand and builds upon your existing brand awareness, enticing new and existing customers.


When it comes to marketing campaigns, planning before is essential – ensuring that you have a straight path to what you’d like to achieve, and how you’re going to do it.

Marketing campaigns aren’t easy, and they can be difficult to nail.

That’s why we’re here. Email Audience at for marketing tips, we’ll be happy to help!

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