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Updated: May 22, 2023

Our team at Audience are backlink experts, ensuring that your webpage and blogs are SEO optimized and rank highly when it comes to Search Engines.

Creating backlinks can be difficult, and you must be careful that you don’t generate any ‘bad’ backlinks, so we’ve put together a guide on how to create effective backlinks and hopefully get your page ranking highly when searched for…



A backlink is a link that comes from another part of a website to yours, some links can even be internal meaning you link different posts on your own page. Backlinks can be throughout blogs and articles, with some internal links included within the design of your website or on any other section of your web page.

As an example, if you want to know more about SEO and how to optimize your page, here’s our easy guide.

Backlinks can be from a different website to your own, and this works really well as search engines will pick up that you are mentioned on different pages and that makes yours more trustworthy, and less likely to be spam.

An effective technique to create external backlinks is asking those you have worked with or companies that you might’ve been involved with to link back to your site, benefiting both businesses.


There are plenty of advantages to effective backlinks so we decided to list a few, just so you know exactly why you should try them!

Firstly, backlinks make you more trustworthy to search engines. This is extremely important when people search for something that you offer, being more trustworthy makes you more likely to come up on the first couple of pages which in turn will bring more clicks to your site.

Backlinks are also great for business due to the ability to network, with people clicking from one page to another, this could bring customers and clients who wouldn’t have come across you if it weren’t for a direct link.

Along with backlinks comes brand name exposure and recognition, if your business is linked directly to a platform that already has visitors, they are more likely to interact with you and drive more traffic to your brand.



The short answer is yes.

In the same way that you can build trust by being backlinked on websites that have high viewers and are trustworthy themselves if you get linked to a spam website or one that is known for causing viruses, you will be associated with them.

Bad backlinks can cause your website to be flagged, so it’s important to keep your backlinks professional and beneficial, as it’s great having a lot of backlinks, however, if they are all from a spam website it will be more detrimental than beneficial.


To have successful backlinks you need high-quality links that are relevant, authoritative and natural (not sponsored), which will ultimately lead you to success when it comes to optimising your search engine results.

Network with businesses alike, form partnerships and make sure that the partnerships that you’ve established are constantly linking your website and posts to them. Using blogs for internal linking is also a great idea as it still builds authority for your page and has SEO advantages.


The world of backlinks can be wild – some backlinks are great and give your website more authority while building SEO advantages, but some can be detrimental and have your website be seen as spam.

Picking and choosing where you want your backlinks and integrating internal links within your own work are both key when it comes to creative effective backlinks.

If you have any questions about backlinks, or anything we can help you with, why not message us at

We’ll be glad to help!


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