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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Beating the algorithm on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and Twitter can be challenging from the start, however, it becomes virtually impossible to do so if you have been 'shadowbanned'.

Sometimes, users of socials can't even tell that they have been shadowbanned until it's brought up by their audience or they notice a decrease in likes/viewers.

So, what actually is shadowbanning and how do you avoid it? We've got the rundown for you...


The dreaded term when it comes to social media... shadowbanning 😪

Shadowbanning is often used by social media platforms to block or partially block a user's content without their knowledge - hiding their posts from other users and limiting their exposure on said platform. If you're shadowbanned, it is very likely that your views/likes or whatever metrics the platform measures success through will decrease significantly, as you won't be present on users' 'For You Page' (TikTok) or 'Feed' (Instagram and Facebook).

The harsh truth is, a creator being shadowbanned is quite detrimental, especially if they heavily rely on views/likes from external audiences rather than their own community.

Shadowbanning is usually used by platforms to reduce offensive, explicit or harmful content being viewed by other users, however, there have been many cases where influencers and creators have been wrongfully shadowbanned, a seriously unfortunate event.


Typically, to avoid being shadowbanned you must not - post any explicit or offensive content, follow the social media platform's guidelines, engage with your audience and HEAVILY avoid buying followers/likes and avoid repetitive content that can be seen as spam.

Shadowbanning is put in place to protect users of the platforms and keep the platform as user-friendly and 'clean' as possible - yes, your audience may enjoy more 'niche' stuff, but you've got to think that your posts can be seen by anyone who accesses the platform, not just your TA.

Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, some accounts are wrongfully shadowbanned, this could be due to an error with the platform moderating system or previous content triggering the platform. There are many ways that shadowbanning can be triggered, it's best to contact the platform directly if you've got concerns about being shadowbanned.


Shadowbanning isn't the greatest of things - it can pull your content away from users on the platform, decrease all engagement and just be an absolute bummer altogether. Keeping your content clear and adhering to platform guidelines are the top tips to avoid being shadowbanned.

If you see your engagement suddenly decreasing and are noting substantially fewer people are interacting with your page, reach out to the platform and voice your concerns.

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