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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Influencer marketing is brilliant for both small and big businesses – it has taken over the world of digital marketing.

Having multiple influencers promote your brand and raise more awareness, not only should it boost your sales quite drastically, but also creates a personable feel toward your company and shows others that real people do dabble in your services.

Here is our insight into the world of influencer marketing, and why you should definitely consider it for your brand...


When you think of influencers – what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Maybe it’s people that went on TV shows such as Love Island or The Circle, models, gym influencers or YouTube stars.

The influencer world isn’t so easy to pinpoint, but it’s usually split into two sections – micro-influencers which have under 10K followers and have a small yet dedicated audience, and macro-influencers which have enough followers to fill whole cities.

These influencers usually work on a ‘gifted’ or ‘paid’ basis, either you gift them a free product from your business that you wish them to promote, or you pay an influencer to do the work. Most of the time, influencers seek payment as free items don’t pay the bills!

Regardless of if your chosen influencer has 10K followers or 100K – focusing on smaller influencers may have better results as their audience is more dedicated, it’s best to analyse your own target audience and pick an influencer that would appeal to the type of sales you’d benefit from.


It’s safe to say that some brands DEFINITELY wouldn’t be where they are now if it wasn’t for influencer marketing – it can completely change your business and how others view it.

Without stating the obvious, once your chosen influencer has posted your product/service to their audience – that audience also becomes your own. With more interactions, higher engagement and a wider reach overall, your business is bound to benefit.

Also, I know we’ve mentioned this one too many times but… People love to buy from real people.

The fact that an influencer is promoting your product/service and showing them exactly how to use it, why they like it and what they can do with it, will give potential customers faith that your company actually works!


Now, influencer marketing is a brilliant thing… when done right.

The thing with influencer marketing is, sometimes people can see straight through it.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to pick an influencer with a similar ethos, habits, interests and social media page that fits your brand correctly. It doesn’t have to be a match made in heaven, however, if you’re a sustainable clothing company and the influencer you’ve reached out to only wears fast fashion brands… it might not work.

The best tip that we can give is – to be authentic, stay true to your brand and reach out to influencers that will complement your hard work.


No one said it’s easy, because it’s definitely not, but the best way of getting in touch with influencers is through social media and their agency.

Many micro-influencers may have their emails within their bio which would give you a direct line of contact, whereas macro-influencers may be signed with PR/talent agencies which means you’ll have to approach the influencer through their agent.

Make sure that your emails are clear and concise, showing the product/service you want to market and what your budget is/asking the influencer’s rates.


That’s a quick summary of what influencer marketing is, how you should approach influencers and make sure that the influencer you wish to work with is sharing a similar audience with you.

Influencer marketing can get your business in front of a whole new audience, and gain you plenty of potential customers – so have a think if this would benefit your business, and start researching!

We’re here to help when it comes to influencer marketing, so drop us an email at for a helping hand.

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