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Sometimes, it's easy to forget about the 'social' aspect of 'social media', but as we delve into the best business Instagram accounts, it becomes apparent that they love a bit of community management! 👬

So, what is community management and how will it help your business's social media?

This is exactly what we're going to explore in this blog...



Community management simply refers to interacting with your followers/following on Instagram, whether it's leaving a comment, responding to one, or following accounts that you have an interest in. Community management is especially important if you're a business that wants to develop a social media presence, as some brands are known exclusively for their interaction with customers on social media and their great customer service.

It's not just restricted to Instagram, of course, community management can apply to all social media platforms and is best practised across all channels, building a sense of community around your pages for your customers and followers.

Take it as the perfect way to let the people who interact with your posts know that you appreciate it and see them!


Remember the good old 'like-for-like/follow-for-follow' comments on Kim Kardashian's page? That might've been the start of community management, kind of. 😅

Basically, following Instagram pages back that follow you, exchanging likes and comments under each other's posts will increase both your and their engagement simultaneously, and if you're interacting with your followers, you're showing them you care.

Whether it's dropping a like, sharing a post to your story or commenting back, community management is a great way of building yourself a follower base that is engaging with your posts and beneficial.



Yes, yes and YES. It's worth it.

At its core, what community management proves is that you are willing to engage with people if they are engaging with you. Remember, behind every business page is a SMM that is hoping and praying you'll return the favour when following you or engaging with your post, or, it's simply someone that enjoys your content and will be happy to see you recognise it when they support you.

Every comment on your post and every like will increase your engagement and will also make Instagram push your content out more to their ever-confusing algorithm.


We believe in community management and how beneficial it can be for businesses that strive to build a good following on social media platforms. But, we also know it isn't easy.

Constantly looking at your notifications, replying to DM's likes, and comments can be very time-consuming which is why we can take it off your hands, and do it for you.

Send us an email to if you need a hand with your social media channels, and we'd be happy to help! 📩


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