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Facebook has been around for decades, and it has not yet lost its power when it comes to marketing, and it most likely never will. As one of the oldest social media platforms, yet also one of the biggest, Facebook marketing is a great thing to nail.

That's right - even you need this, Gen Z...


Our favourite phrase is back... most to all social media content will be video content in the next years, and that includes Facebook. Creating content on Facebook shouldn't stray too far away from video content, as it is the thing that gets the most views, shares and likes.

Video content is more fun and engaging than standard graphics posts that you consume on a daily basis - make your content entertaining for your audience on every social media platform, and Facebook isn't any different!


Facebook is one of the most effective platforms when it comes to paid social campaigns and ads - it may be extremely beneficial to have a look at paid social if you think it suits your brand and what you'd like to achieve through social media, if the answer is more sales, it's likely that paid social is great for you.

Facebook's detailed ad targeting ensures that your posts will be seen by the exact audience that you like, potentially reaching new customers and getting your brand a wider engagement.


Getting to know your audience is a great way of being able to cater your content to what people who interact with your page prefer - whether that's looking at what post has done best when it comes to engagement or directly communicating with your audience to ask that.

As with any other social media platform, consistent posts ensure that your Facebook page will maintain your following.


Staying up-to-date with Facebook trends will ensure that you're creating the right type of content, and will increase your chances of being seen by a wider audience that isn't within your current community.

As an example, Facebook Reels are currently popping - so join them!

Remember, people are continuing to use Facebook as a way to search for brands and find out more information so, portray that information in a fun yet informative way while keeping up with the latest trends.

Facebook is definitely here to stay, and it can be one of the main platforms that people search for businesses on - assess if you think it's beneficial for your brand and, if it is, get cracking!

If you need extra help with Facebook, we're here for you - email for some tips and advice!


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