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As digital marketing experts, we understand the significance of having a comprehensive and well-thought-out marketing strategy for your business. By incorporating important dates such as holidays, special events and trending topics (see what's trending on TikTok right now) into your social media content plan, you can create a more cohesive and impactful marketing campaign.

Planning ahead key calendar dates into a Social Media Planner allows you to maintain consistency in your content strategy, ensuring that you are consistently delivering relevant and timely messages to your followers. It also enables you to allocate resources, plan campaigns, and collaborate with influencers or partners well in advance - maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Overall, incorporating key calendar dates into your social media marketing strategy is a powerful way to stay relevant, engage your audience, and drive business growth. So, here are the key calendar dates for the remainder of 2023, to kick-start your social media content plan…



Don't let the summer vibes fade away just yet! Keep your promotional campaigns sizzling, but bear in mind that your customers might be off on their well-deserved holidays.

1st - Yorkshire Day 4th - International Beer Day/ Cycle to Work Day

5th - Blogger Day

6th - 12th – National Farmers Market

7th - 13th - Afternoon Tea Week

8th - International Cat Day

9th - Book Lovers Day

9th - 17th - Elvis Week

10th - Vlogging Day

13th - Prosecco Day

18th - Never Give Up Day

19th - World Photography Day

20th - FIFA Women’s World Cup Final

24th - National Burger Day

26th - National Dog Day

28th - Summer Bank Holiday


Bid farewell to lazy summer days and welcome the hustle and bustle of packed school bags, early morning alarms and autumnal leaves. Many of your customers will be embracing the return of the routine - which may mean more routine scrolling…

1st - Tofu Day

2nd - Beard Day

5th - Day of Charity

6th - Read a Book Day

8th - Literacy Day

10th - Suicide Prevention Day

12th - Video Games Day

15th - Online Learning Day

16th - Oktoberfest Begins

18th - Equal Pay Day

19th - World Heart Day

22nd - Car Free Day

23rd - First Day of Autumn

26th - European Day of Languages

30th - Podcast Day


It’s time to embrace spooky season! Don't miss out on the opportunity to infuse your business with the eerie essence of Halloween.

Black History Month (UK)

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


1st - Vegetarian Day

3rd - Techies Day

5th - Teacher’s Day

6th - Smile Day

10th - World Mental Health Day

13th - Egg Day

16th - Food Day

19th - Gin & Tonic Day

20th - Chef’s Day

24th - United Nations Day

25th - Pasta Day

29th - Clocks Go Back

30th - Checklist Day

31st - Halloween


With Christmas just around the corner, November brings a delightful buzz, as people begin to prepare for the celebrations ahead. In addition to the anticipation of Christmas, be sure to not overlook Black Friday, as shoppers eagerly await to bag a bargain!


1st - World Vegan Day

3rd - Sandwich Day

4th - Roast Dinner Day

5th - Bonfire Night

8th - Cappuccino Day

11th - Remembrance Day

12th - Remembrance Sunday

13th - Kindness Day

17th - Student’s Day

19th - International Men’s Day

20th - World Children’s Day

21st - Television Day

24th - Black Friday

27th - Cyber Monday

30th - Computer Security Day


Christmas is upon us and the frenzy of last-minute shoppers has reached a fever pitch! Embrace the festive spirit and allure customers to choose your store as their ultimate shopping destination. Also don't forget to also plan for the lull between Christmas and New Year's...

1st - World AIDS Day

2nd - Small Business Saturday

3rd - Day of Persons With Disabilities

4th - National Sock Day

5th - Volunteer Day

6th - St Nicholas Day

7th - Hanukkah Begins

8th - Christmas Jumper Day

9th - Christmas Card Day

14th - Free Shipping Day

21st - First Day of Winter

24th - Christmas Eve

25th - Christmas Day

26th - Boxing Day

31st - New Year’s Eve


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