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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Keeping on top of trends can seem like a never-ending hamster wheel, as soon as one goes, another pops up.

It’s increasingly difficult to know when a trend has died out, and when a new one should be grabbed, so analysing trends can be highly beneficial for your social media channels and your business.

Read on further to find out how to keep on top of trends and make the most out of your social media platforms…


There’s no better way of mastering trends than being an active user of social media, and seeing the trends for yourself.

We know that life can be extremely busy, and Instagram or TikTok may not be an everyday priority for some, but it’s important to be present on social media to then acknowledge what trends exist, and what would work the best for your business.

When scrolling through platforms, our top tip is to ‘favourite’ or ‘save’ trends which you think are worth participating in, or send them to your work group-chat so your team members can join in on the content creation.

Having a list saved of content you’d like to try out will save you time when planning content in advance, and will ensure that you keep on top of trends.


Much like scrolling, researching is also a key element of keeping on top of trends. Having a list of influencers or similar businesses that you could take content inspiration from (without copying), will allow you to research what has worked for their audience and what hasn’t – applying this knowledge to your own.

Researching platforms that you are using is also a great way of finding out what trends may appear and may be beneficial for your business.

We, at Audience, like to search through trending hashtags relating to our business and see what other content creators are publishing, and hopefully take some ideas for our own pages.


There are plenty of trends – whether it be dancing on TikTok, funny cat videos, VICE news posts or thirst-traps (beware when Googling the term… you might be surprised). However, it’s vital you refine those trends and link them to your business, finding relevance with every post and engaging your audience.

Some trends can be oversaturated, and if they have millions of videos under them or have been going on for over 10+ days, it’s more than likely that they’re not worth pursuing.

Focusing on trends that are relevant to your brand and are a mix of extremely popular and up-and-coming ideas, will guarantee you success.


Trends will forever change, so get on the trend treadmill, save content ideas and start creating!

Make sure you pick trends wisely and cater them to your audience, involving all team members and researching which platforms prefer what.

Do you have any further questions about trends, or struggling to begin with your social media pages? Email us at for a helping hand.


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