• Chloe Byrne

How to Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is extremely important when it comes to building an audience and letting them know what you and your company are all about! Creating brand awareness makes it easier for people to recognise your business and if done well, will increase sales and interest in your services.

Here’s our round-up of the most efficient way you can build brand awareness and let the world know about your amazing company…

Personable Posts

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘people buy from people?’ Well, we’ve found it is completely true. People enjoy personable posts, showcase your personality and your teammates and create content based upon that.

Building brand awareness begins with the people that are involved within the business, think of the fun and unique things you might do in the office, team days out, meetings and anything in between. Filming what your Monday morning meeting is about may seem mundane, but people enjoy the option of involvement and curiosity as to what your working day plans are.

Personable posts don’t have to be photos and videos, having infographics that answer questions about what your services contain or fun ‘meet the team’ posts are always a hit too.

Key Brand Guidelines

A huge part of building brand awareness is creating key brand guidelines through which people can recognise you, for example, a logo or specific colour which will instantly connect someone to your business.

Think about which colours suit your business the most and which fonts, create a logo and use all of these components simultaneously throughout your social media posts and website. Having consistency through your socials will automatically create a link between the colours, fonts and graphics you use and your brand, creating more awareness.

Such brand guidelines are also useful when it comes to employees and potential clients, as they know exactly what your company entails and what to expect when it comes to the content you create.

Create a Community

Networking is your best friend – no matter how big or small your business is. Once you have established specific graphics and designs you want to apply to your brand and got some personable content out there, you need to create a community which you interact with and vice versa.

Brand awareness is about building a great reputation, so engaging with potential customers on social media channels, or businesses that are similar to yours could be a great way to begin building your networking circle.

Make sure you respond to comments, return likes and follow those that may be of interest, show your audience that you are interested in what they have to say by posting polls or asking questions on your social platforms.

Choose Your Platforms

In a world where there’s an app for pretty much everything, it’s easy to get distracted and want to interact with them all – but, that’s where most businesses go wrong.

It’s essential that you have a look through the different platforms out there and assess which you think are suitable for you. As an example, if you’re a legal firm that deals with serious cases and those usually aged over 30, then starting a TikTok account will probably not be beneficial for you or your business. However, creating a LinkedIn platform which showcases what services you provide and customer testimonials, could be ideal.

Focusing on one or two platforms as a start is better than spreading yourself too thin, remember, it’s quality over quantity when it comes to socials and if you need more help, head to our ‘social media for businesses’ blog.

Track and Optimise Progress

With every campaign, you should have tracking schemes and goals behind it. Tracking your campaigns gives you the option to see which parts are going great and creating huge brand awareness, and which are not receiving any love at all.

Optimising your content through the use of SEO and making sure that your brand awareness posts are being seen by the correct audience, will ensure that you’re not wasting time and money on campaigns that don’t work.

Our friends over at Intelligent have a brilliant SEO guide if you have any SEO-related questions.


Well, that’s about it! Brand awareness is extremely important when it comes to building an audience and engaging with them, and in turn, increasing business sales and customer traffic. Having key guidelines that customers can immediately recognise and creating a supportive community is a great way to start your networking circle.

We know that creating effective brand awareness can be hard work, so if you need some extra help then send us a message at hello@getaudience.co.uk.