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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Social media can be confusing, especially when you’re using it to market your business and you wonder how others have thousands of followers and likes, yet you seem to be getting less.

The hill of social media can be a hard one to climb, but implementing the basis into your platforms and steadily building an audience is the aim.

So, here are a couple of our tips on how to break into the world of social media…


Content is the key to building an audience on any social media platform, it engages your followers and makes others want to participate in what you are posting. There’s a common misconception that great content has to be professional photos and 10-minute long videos that take hours to edit, but the truth is far from that.

Platforms such as TikTok and Instagram prefer short, snappy videos that your followers can scroll through quickly. While LinkedIn favours posts filled with text over more interactive ones.

The truth is, you need to adapt your content to what you think your target audience will enjoy, so creating polls to ask your audience what they prefer, or starting out by creating a mix of all the above and seeing what gets the most engagement may be a great start.


Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags, we can’t repeat that word enough times.

Hashtags are a brilliant and efficient way of being found by those that don’t follow you and hopefully, breaking into the world of social media.

Using a suitable amount of hashtags (usually around 10) and having a mix of both niche and broad hashtags will ensure that you get seen by a wider audience, while targeting those searching directly for your services.


Creating and building connections within the social media world is key to success, as engagement is what makes most platforms share your profile more and make others find it easier.

It’s worth following pages that are similar to your own, interacting with their posts through likes and comments and hopefully they will return the favour.

Reaching out to other companies with a similar following to your own and building connections within the industry will be beneficial in the social media realm.


Trends are harder to keep up with than the Kardashians, and that’s the truth.

They come and go, and it’s hard to know when you’re too late to jump on the bandwagon or if it’s too early to invest your time. The best way to keep on top of trends is to engage with the platforms yourself, spending some time on social media will show you what trends are the most popular, oldest and newest.

It’s great to have a look at the number of posts under the trend (too many and you may be lost) and the average likes that they get, and if you think it suits your business then – go for it!


As mentioned before, the hill of social media s a steep one to climb and you never know how close you will be to the top!

Never give up, as your next post may be the one that blows up and gets your business known worldwide.

It’s a long process and it won’t happen overnight (unless you’re super lucky), so get your content ready and remember to use them hashtags.


We want to wish you good luck with your social media journey, it will take time and patience but it will be extremely worth it once you’re there!

If you need any extra social media help, don’t be hesitant to email us at


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