• Chloe Byrne

Good Vs Bad SEO

SEO is key to making your website successful – Search Engine Optimisation is what will make your page appear within the first results when someone searches for a topic you have covered.

SEO is going to ensure that your content is found and your hard work is not going to waste, but it can also be detrimental if done incorrectly.

Read on to find out how good and bad SEO can change your website…

What is Bad SEO?

Bad SEO can be detrimental to your page and site, which in turn will negatively impact your business and could ‘blacklist’ your website.

Bad SEO strategies include…

1. Making Content Hard to Access

Posting content but then having multiple ads and blocks which make content hard to access is classed as a bad SEO. Having excessive pop-ups and hurdles that make your page inaccessible will not act in your favour.

2. Low-Quality Links

Having low-quality links will also get you in the bad books when it comes to SEO. Low-quality links can flag your website as spam and will put you down when it comes to searches as Google will not want their users to get caught in spam websites.

3. Keyword Spam

Including relevant keywords in your pages is a successful way of developing your website and ensuring it will be found y searchers, however, stuffing those keywords into irrelevant places will quickly turn into bad SEO. Not overusing keywords will guarantee your success.

What is Good SEO?

Good SEO is great – it will increase your chances of being found, improve your relationship with search engines and hopefully draw more readers to your pages.

Good SEO includes…

1. High-Quality Links

Having backlinks on trustworthy pages such as government-approved ones, large companies and relevant websites will build your trust with search engines, showing them that other trusted websites are recommending yours.

2. Variation of Keywords

It’s great to include popular keywords within your pages and posts, and having a large range of them that are being used in relevant places that don’t create a ‘spam-like’ feel will act in your favour. Use a large range of keywords, making sure to not repeat the same ones constantly.


Well there you have it, the scary world of SEO broken down into basics – good and bad.

It goes without saying that you should focus on good SEO strategies to optimize your website, posts and pages, as it will make it easier for your business to be found.

Avoid bad SEO at all costs – even if it gives you momentary exposure, it will almost always become detrimental in the future.

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