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Updated: May 22, 2023

Catch up with our newest recruits, Jody and Iasmina, as they talk about how they've hit the ground running whilst entering the world of marketing...

Being new to the world of marketing can be a little confusing, all the abbreviations, terminology and systems we never heard of before. However, learning the ins and outs of digital marketing has been a great experience for us newbies at Audience – we thought we’d share our journey and what we have learned so far.


To introduce ourselves, I’m Iasmina (Content Executive), currently still studying Journalism and having written for magazines within Yorkshire and nationally, I’d never fully dabbled in the world of marketing.

Jody (Social Executive), studied English Language and found her love for writing, then went on to become an English teacher for a couple of years and after looking for a new adventure… she found marketing.

Now let’s dive into our marketing journey and everything that came alongside it…

Iasmina Ionescu



One of the most important things I’ve found during my marketing journey is that research is key – even the things you think you know, are worth a Google.

Coming into this role, I only had vague training on SEO from my degree, researching SEO and different systems I can use to optimize my articles to the best of their abilities made me more aware of what I should/shouldn’t include in my writing, and I applied where suitable.

Looking through blog posts and articles like our SEO guide really helped too!


A question is a powerful tool – how will you learn if you don’t ask questions?

In marketing, there are a lot of abbreviations and terminology which were foreign to me. What is a CMS anyway? Without asking questions, I wouldn’t know.

You are surrounded by people with knowledge, some working in marketing for a number of years so utilize people’s knowledge and make it your own. I found it’s better to take time and ask than rush into the unknown.


Every talented marketer will have a wide range of tones when it comes to writing, in order to fit into various client’s briefs. I found myself writing about hairdresser businesses one minute and then critical thinking analysis the next!

My writing skills are developing on a daily basis and having such a wide range of briefs keeps me excited for the next day and what I might come across.


Jody Lynch


Looking at competitors within the social media marketing industry was a great starting point for me.

I’ve always loved social media but the marketing world was completely new to me so looking at other marketing accounts and taking note of different styles and ideas helped me brew ideas of my own.

There’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from others, it’ll just help you with your own creativity and social channels!


There are millions of sounds, pictures, colours and possibilities out there when it comes to social media content. I found it so helpful to experiment with different ideas until the right one was created.

Playing around with different platforms like Instagram Reels and TikTok, getting used to editing content within the app and finding popular sounds/trends meant I had more chances of my content engagement being high.

Here's some inspo from our own Instagram!


Criticism can be scary – however, it can be really beneficial during the creative process. Being surrounded by different opinions, experiences and personalities in the workplace means you can grab constructive criticism from everywhere and build your work upon them.

Having more than just one pair of eyes on your work will be really beneficial.

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Well, that’s our journey wrapped up into a couple of key points that we’ve learnt during the first weeks in the digital marketing world and we’re so excited for the future!

As you can tell, the marketing world is complex so if you’re feeling a bit lost… why not get in touch with us at for some free marketing advice?

We at Audience wish you the best of luck with your digital marketing!


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