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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

LinkedIn has developed from a career-only platform to a more personable, build-a-brand vibe – and we love it. Let’s face it, career-only posts can get dull, and even though the majority of LinkedIn is still around jobs and development, it has also welcomed opinions and personal posts on popular topics.

Many brands have used LinkedIn to create their customer base, with some companies heavily relying on LinkedIn for business and having built a platform with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Sounds great, right?

But how do you actually nail building a personal brand on LinkedIn…


The key to building an effective personal brand is staying true to yourself – it becomes hard to keep posting on LinkedIn when you’re not being authentic and, in all honesty, it shows.

Establish what your ethos is, do you have a niche that you’d like to explore? We’ve found that accounts on LinkedIn with a niche that they specialize in do better than just any old content – find what you’re good at and share it with your network.


LinkedIn is for the people – so shape your posts around your audience.

If you’re just starting out with LinkedIn and you’ve not got a base audience – determine a specific target audience you’d like to appeal to and stick to that. If you already have a network, yet want to improve your LinkedIn presence, analyse what posts have done well in the past and those that weren’t so great.

It’s important to not make posts just for the sake of it, see what your audience likes and continue connecting with them.


Like with many platforms when it comes to social media, consistency is key. I know this is something we continuously mention through our blogs, but it’s true! Staying consistent is better than bombarding your LinkedIn feed with 3 posts per day for a week then radio silence afterwards.

Making a realistic schedule of how many posts you’d like per week and sticking to that consistently will improve your reach and engage your audience – whether that’s only one post per week or multiple, start off small and don’t create an unmanageable workload.


It’s fair to say that LinkedIn is thriving – with job development opportunities, personal brand developments and more. The platform is a great way of building your own brand and gaining new clients or finding a new career – so start posting!

If you need a helping hand when building a personal brand on LinkedIn, or just getting started on the platform – give us a shout at


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