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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Instagram Reels are worth the hype... trust us. We love to repeat that video content is the way forward and that's because it is - so creating Instagram Reels consistently is bound to increase your engagement rate.

This Christmas, we're gifting you all of our Reel knowledge to make sure you're ready to smash the Reels game in 2023 and make your Insta boom...


Using trending audios is one of the biggest tips when it comes to successful Reels. Trending audios have plenty of benefits including boosting your views, increasing engagement and widening your audience.

When you use a trending audio, it has a higher chance of coming up on people's Explore page, which means your Reel will reach a wider audience and attract more potential clients - it's a win-win situation!


Finding a trending audio is the first step of the Reels process, ad it's harder than you think! You need to take into consideration the theme of your Reel, what your target audience will enjoy and what sound fits your brand.

Also, try to stray away from concepts that are over-saturated, as it can get boring seeing the same style of video over and over again. It's important to remember that using trending audios is not an Instagram strategy on its own, however, it can be a part of one.

*TOP SECRET HINT* When scrolling through your Reels tab on Instagram, trending audios will show with an arrow pointing upwards next to the audio name in the bottom left corner of the screen.


We all love when a Reel just hits every beat and makes a perfect transition, they always look so smooth! That's the thing about timing, matching the beat drops in your chosen audio with the transitions in your clips will make the Reel feel professional and fun.

Doing so creates momentum, captures attention and it's just all round satisfying, right?

Also, don't be afraid to take inspo from other accounts - Instagram has recently introduced Reel templates which allow you to place and edit your clips to the timing of someone else's Reel, making it easier to match someone else's tempo.


Well, that's some of our tips when it comes to Instagram Reels... keep an eye out on our social media @getmyaudience for more recommendations when it comes to Reels and other social media platforms.

If you need any more direct help, feel free to shout us at


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