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Updated: May 22, 2023

What is LinkedIn? A question that many of us ask as soon as we hit the world of career development, but one not many know how to answer.

LinkedIn is very important when it comes to building a career portfolio, creating an effective network and even applying for jobs, your future may be one app away. Grab your pen and paper and start taking notes!

Here at Audience, we put together everything you should know about LinkedIn as a beginner, making it easy for you to start building connections and showcasing your hard-earned skills…

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Hearing about LinkedIn at university, at work and in advertisements can be confusing if you don’t know its purpose and potential.

So, to summarise, LinkedIn is a platform on which you can build a profile, showcase your skills and in turn either build connections or apply for jobs, you can utilize it in whichever way benefits you most. It’s mostly used for careers and self-promotion, although, some users create entertaining posts and memes, it doesn’t all need to be serious!


The first step to LinkedIn is having a professional profile, but still showing some personality. Having a respectable profile picture which you wouldn’t be afraid to show your dad (no party pics), works well and would be the first thing a potential employer looks at.

Setting up your profile summary is the next part – a couple of paragraphs about what you do, experience and things you are proud of can be included. Briefly outline relevant work experience and jobs, adding skills you have learnt throughout each career and any useful skills you’ve picked up.

This part is where you sell yourself! Think about all of the achievements, the times you felt like you picked up a valuable skill and don’t forget any volunteering or non-profit organisations you might’ve worked with.


One of the best parts about LinkedIn is the ability to create a network. Whether you’re just starting your career or are already established, you can widen your contacts and never know what opportunities you may come across by connecting with others.

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Trying to post regularly is a great way for others to interact

and engage with you, it can be posts of your recent work or anything relevant going on in the world.

Don’t be afraid to message people of interest – ask questions, educate yourself on valuable skills they may have and create a wider circle of professionals which may end up beneficial in the future.


Applying for jobs is a brilliant feature on LinkedIn and one used most often with over 24 million open job listings in 2021 itself. Since the rise of hybrid and remote working, LinkedIn is great for finding jobs not only nationally but internationally too, with companies worldwide posting opportunities daily.

Most employers recruiting through their platform will look at your CV and your LinkedIn profile together, so make sure you’ve set up an effective profile before clicking any ‘apply’ buttons!

With various filters such as location, industry and hybrid options available, your new career could be a couple of clicks away…

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There’s your beginners’ guide to LinkedIn, and a couple of easy tips to make your LinkedIn profile well-rounded and informative.

Take a deep breath, we know it can be overwhelming managing so many social media channels at once, so our team at Audience are here to help. Pop us an email at and let us know if you have any questions or need an extra helping hand.

Remember, LinkedIn is your time to sell yourself!


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