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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

We've all seen it - the AI generated video that took social media users by storm, questioning whether the London Underground actually had a mascara wand running through it with Maybelline plastered on its carriages, but why are AI generated marketing campaigns causing such a stir?

These campaigns are anything but normal, creating scenarios that are such a perfect mix between reality and fantasy that it makes us wonder if they actually exist or if they're just genius computer-generated ideas.

Here's our rundown on AI marketing campaigns, and why they might be here to stay...

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It's without a doubt that AI can create things that most of us wouldn't think of straight away, or, if we did think of it, we wouldn't know exactly how to create or execute it into a physical product. This is what AI generated marketing campaigns specialise in, bringing unrealistic ideas to life.

When you saw a mascara tube the size of an underground carriage, you might've thought- wow, that seems excessive, but it's kind of cool, right? AI generates ideas that may not be easily executed in reality, but they play around with fun product manipulation and unique object permanence to extents where people enjoy sharing them.

Similar to Manchester City's campaign that showed a futuristic hologram of Man City's players in Dubai (it had me fooled, I won't lie), AI generated campaigns can play around with the idea of reality, bringing a new era of graphic design and limitless creativity.


With all new advancements, there must also be drawbacks and negative effects that we should take into consideration, especially when dabbling with Artificial Intelligence. In truth, AI can be a fantastic tool for the creative industry, as creatives are no longer constricted by the idea of reality and can develop anything out of practically nothing.

However, the negative aspects of AI come down to one question - how far is too far?

What many specialists are fearing is that these AI generated videos can blur the line between reality and fantasy, with many left unknowingly convinced that these fake campaigns are real. It's easy to take a look at some of the Ai generated material and think it's real, because some platforms have been heavily developed and programmed.

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Overall, we think that if used sensibly, AI generated marketing campaigns are here to stay. We definitely think they work seen as though some marketing campaigns are repeated over and over, whereas freshly generated ideas that provide the 'wow factor' cause a shock throughout social media channels, which is exactly what the point of marketing is.

These AI campaigns bring a new sense of creativity to the marketing industry, levelling-up the playing field for corporate businesses with budgets enough to project themselves onto the London Underground as a mascara tube.


If you need our help with new campaign ideas, or you want to strengthen your marketing strategy, we've got you sorted - email us at, if your budget allows, you might be on the Victoria Line by next week. 😉


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