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Updated: May 22, 2023

Creating great content is harder than it looks, getting the right composition, generating ideas and knowing exactly what angles to work on are all factors which contribute to a great image.

Whether it’s an image of crispy chips, crunchy salad or cheesy pizza, you have to convey taste through the image and make it appeal to your audience.

When creating the perfect picture for your website or Instagram, you need to take into consideration lighting, exposure, framing and more, so, we thought it would be helpful to put together a quick guide on taking images for your food business…

chicken wings


You need to start with a clear idea of which products you want to shoot, and why.

Understanding 'why' you want to picture each product will help you curate ideas. For example, if you are shooting a summer BBQ range, you want to ensure the products are shot on a sunny day to help your audience to place the product.

Once you understand what you want to shoot and why, you can begin to imagine your shots. It is also useful to gather inspiration by looking at how other companies have shot similar products or using social media apps that contain a lot of imagery such as Instagram and Pinterest.

platter of food


Prepare for taking your images by planning carefully. Here are just a few things we do to prepare for a content day:

- Check the weather forecast

- Ensure your phone/camera is fully charged

- Ensure your storage is clear

- Pack a ring-light

- Bring any necessary props

- Contact the chef (if necessary) and ensure the visions for your images are aligned

Preparing in advance for taking images will make your day more efficient and effective and will allow fewer mistakes to be made, which means you will have extra time to take great content and ensure you’re not wasting your own or anyone else’s time.

BBQ meats


Have a plan for the images you 'imagined' and execute them - ticking them off as you go.

Ensure you check images as you go as you are less likely to repeat mistakes once you have noticed they are there. Look out for what is going on in the background, and re-take any shots if necessary as it’s better to have more images than less to pick from.

We always take more shots than necessary and then sort through our favourites once we are back in the office, ensuring that we have enough content for a couple of weeks and sometimes even months.

Once you have your favourites - transfer them to your laptop/computer and edit if necessary, and remember that less is more when it comes to editing as your audience wants to see the true image.


Taking all of these tips into consideration will ensure that you create the best content efficiently and have plenty of food posts to generate for your audience.

Food photography paints a precise picture in the customer’s mind about their potential meal and the dishes you offer, so it’s important to get it right!

If you need any help with photography for your business, then don’t hesitate to message us at

chicken wings


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